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December 24, 2007


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My list is pretty much the same as yours except that I would need to add something about friendly judges to mine. I appear pretty regularly in front of 10 different judges and have come to really dread a few of them just because they have the personality of a brillo pad. However, I've really come to like a few too, just because they are so damn friendly :)


That's a good one. And judges who let you off of a case when you really want off of a case. :) I'm glad you commented -- I wanted to tag you, even without a blog!


I'm actually starting to come out of my lawyering funk...may go solo soon too. Maybe I'll revive the blog then.
Great list, by the way. When I read the first four I thought, "is Shelley reading my mind?"

Mary Ann

I'm right there with you on #2. Nothing is worse than trying to draft a coherent reply to an incoherent brief. Particularly when the opposing attorney has invented totally new kinds of lies (as opposed to lies, statistics, etc.).

Glad you had a good Christmas!

E C Straus

I wish I could share my tricks dfor telling who's lying to me... it seems to be a knack i have. Actually, it keeps a lot of clients awayf from me! People who have something to hide seem to be afraid of me.

But i can share my favorite doctor joke.
This guy dies and goes to heaven, and St. Peter tells him what a great place it is, everyone is kind, friendly fair, nice, and great to hang out with. No more road rage, lousy tech support, bad attitudes, the whole bit. And it’s true—Heaven is just bliss.

Then one day while our happy friend is in the cafeteria line, this stranger in a white coat cuts in line, and the guy is incensed. He goes back to St. Peter and says “what gives with the dude in the white coat who cuts line?” St. Peter says… (wait for it…) "Oh—never mind him—that’s just God—sometimes he thinks he’s a doctor.” (ba dump.)

Here's to law is it ought to be.....


You might enjoy this:

Doctors are whippersnappers in ironed white coats,
who spy up your rectum and look down your throats,
and press you and poke you with sterilized tools,
and stab at solutions that pacify fools.
I used to revere them and do what they said
'til I learned what they learned on was already dead.

Gilda Radner 1986

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